☝️Selection of works I had the opportunity to create and direct. Looking forward to update this compilation soon.🤓

Microsoft Anti-Bullying GIFs

Partnering with folks from Edelman we created GIFs for teens to speak out against cyberbullying. The animations were uploaded to Giphy website which feeds the most popular messenger platforms. Kids can use these to speak up, be a friend and turn negativity into positivity during National Bullying Prevention Month and beyond.

#illustration #animation #concept


Animations for a design proposal I made in my time freelancing with the talented folks from Collins.

#concept #illustration #animation

Under Armour

Animation made to celebrate Aaron Judge 50th homerun; posted on UnderArmour Instagram account.
#concept #illustration #animation


I was approached by Dropbox team to come up with an illustration for an article they wrote for their website.
#illustration #concept


Title treatment for a video content.

#illustration #animation

Doritos - Bold Emojis

The challenge was to create a light content that catches people attention in the middle of the Facebook time-line chaos. So Doritos Bold Emojis were born. Taking advantage of Facebook auto-play video feature, we were able to surprise people connecting regular emojis with animated bodies.

#concept #illustration #animationdirection

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers the most secure, heavily tested, end-to-end cloud infrastructure to date. But that doesn't sound very "Googly”. 
So we created an international campaign using a language that every CTO, CIO and ITDM on the planet could could understand: The language of memes.
Made these with the great ElevenInc, Cut&Run and GentlemanScholar teams. Music by Mark Mothersbaugh.

#concept #artdirection #animationdirection

Google Cloud

I was invited by friends from ElevenInc to help develop a series of concepts/characters for a Google Cloud campaign. Working closely with Buck, we turned my sketches into polished 3D illustrations. This was a fun one. 

#concept #illustrationdirection

Red Bull - Interactive Instagram Stories

Interactive Instagram content created with my friend Pablo for RedBull.

#concept #illustration #animation


Illustrations for a launching campaign of a sneaker line in Brazil.
#concept #illustration

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 11.58.04 PM.png

Knock Knock

Knock Knock was an app developed to facilitate contact exchange. Instead of awkwardly asking for email or twitter handle, people would just knock their phones to swipe contacts. I was approached to create illustrations that represent these awkward contact swiping moments.
After launched the company was acquired by Tinder.