Tostitos - Breathalyzer Bag

The first bag of chips that reminds you to never drink and drive.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CD: Roger Baran, Sam Luchini
Concept: Fabio Benedetto / Otto Pajunk
AD:  Nomi Malik, Ricardo Matos
CW: Otto Pajunk

Silver - The One Show 2017 - "Cross Channel / Digital"
Bronze - The One Show 2017 - "Integrated Campaign"

Cheetos - Cheetahpult

A first-of-its-kind, dual-screen experience that helped make this one of the most successful product launches in Cheetos history.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CD: Felipe Lima, Chad Leitz
AD: Fabio Benedetto
CW: Zac Spector

The FWA - Site of the Day July 18 2013
Addy Awards - Gold

XFINITY - WaitBot5000

Gamers want to play more and wait less on-line. On a busy game convention wouldn't be different.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CD: Adam Reeves
AD/CW: Fabio Benedetto, Pablo Rochat

Gold - 2015 Addy Award
Shortlist - 2015 Cannes Lions

Mime Academy

Virtual reality is on the rise, but no one has made use of the ridiculous arm gestures people make while using a VR headset. Mime Academy puts those arms to use, but teaching you how to become a mime.

Xfinity - The Parallel U-Verse

The brief was to deposition AT&T's U-verse, one of Xfinity's primary competitors, as using old and slow technology.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
ECD: Jeff Goodby
CD: Stefan Copiz, Paul Charney
ACD: Enrique Camacho, Steve Payonzeck, Jack Woodworth
AD: Fabio Benedetto
CW: Zac Spector, Ben Hieger
Director: Zach Math

Motorola - Droid RazrM Campaign

TV spots highlighting the new features of Motorola's newest phone.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CD: Adam Reeves
AD: Fabio Benedetto, Maggie Bradshaw
CW: Nancy Strange, Carter Debski


To those who would say the world is falling apart in a hurry, Cisco would counter that and say that now is a great time to be alive. Technology holds key solutions to help fixing most problems going on around the world. This campaign focuses on real world examples of how Cisco’s technology is transforming and improving people’s lives, industries and, in some cases, entire countries.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CD: Felipe Lima, Will Elliot, Patrick Knowlton
AD: Fabio Benedetto, Maggie Bradshaw, Jeffrey Limon
CW: Jonathan Pelleg, Alex Maleski, Jacob Baas

Intel - Human Processor

Intel was launching their new processor in Brazil. To promote it we decided to create a live interactive experiment, transforming a rapper into a human processor.The project took place on the Creators Project, art and technology festival.

Agency: DDB Brazil
ECD: Marco Versolato
CD: Moacyr Netto
AD: Fabio Benedetto
CW: Estevão Queiroga
Director: Leandro HBL / Mosquito Project

Volkswagen - Fox Inside Out

The VW Fox was a small car with a huge but ugly interior. Now the new Fox has a totally redesigned interior.
The challenge was to change the consumer perception.

Agency: AlmapBBDO
ECD: Luiz Sanchez
CD: Sergio Mugnaini
AD: Fabio Benedetto
CW: Luciana Haguiara

Bronze Lion - Cannes 2010 (Cyber)
Bronze Lion - Cannes 2010 (Design)
Bronze Pencil - One Show 2010
Silver CLIO Awards 2010 (Print)
Silver CLIO Awards 2010 (Poster)
Sol de Oro (FIAP) 2010
Sol de Plata - El Sol 2010
FWA - Site of the day - 2010

Volkswagen - New Beetle

To launch the new Beetle, we wanted to transform the car into a social device connected to your friends and the world around you. These are some print ads we made for the campaign.

YouTube - Social Single

Music has always brought people together. But never like this. To get people to download the new YouTube iOS app, we wanted to partner with Green Day and release their latest single exclusively through the new app. It was an idea that created demand for the app and required friends to come together with their phones to experience the full song.

To pitch the idea I put together a proof of concept:

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
ECD: Christian Haas
ACD: Felipe Lima, Chad Leitz
AD: Fabio Benedetto
CW: Damian Fitzgerald

TED Talks 4/20

Some friends and I set up a fake TED Talk stage at the 4/20 Festival in San Francisco for people to share their ideas

See all the talks here.

Air Show Remote Control

When the Blue Angels came to town for San Francisco Fleet Week, my buddy Pablo (the talented actor on this video) and I decided to shoot a little goofy video.